Monday, March 2, 2015

Help your Child do his/her Best on a Test!

Healthy Tips from your School Nurse

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Many students are preparing to take tests in school at this time of year.  Below are two important things you can do to help your child be successful:

Make sure your child eats breakfast: Your brain needs the energy from food to work efficiently. Students need to keep their mental focus on the exam and not on hunger. Never take a test on an empty stomach! A healthy breakfast is the first step in properly preparing for an exam. Fuel the brain with whole wheats, fruits, and even nuts in the morning to give your best performance.

Make sure your child gets enough sleep: Many students get into the habit of studying late into the night, hoping to cram in a little more information into their already exhausted brains. Instead, on the night before the exam, stop studying in the early evening. After that, take it easy, eat your dinner, lay out your clothes for the next day, pack your bag, take a shower, and head to bed early. You’ve done all you can. To function at your best on exam day, you need not only the energy that comes from healthy nutrition, but also the energy that comes from adequate, restful sleep.

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